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How Lawn Aeration Leads to Beautiful Grass

Lawns cannot survive without air, water, and nutrients. Soil often becomes compacted, which prevents these vital resources from reaching the roots. When this happens, grasses can shrivel up and die. No matter what type of soil you have or how frequently you use your yard, your lawn needs to be aerated periodically.

So What Is Aeration?

Lawn aeration loosens the soil to help air, water, and nutrients get to the grass roots. As a result, the lawn becomes healthier and stronger. There are two kinds of aeration – spike and core. A spike aerator punches holes in the soil to create passageways for nutrients. Core aerators are much more effective, however. Without causing any damage to existing grasses, core aerators remove plugs of soil from the lawn, opening channels that allow the life-sustaining substances to more efficiently reach and be absorbed by the root structure. Core aerators are large machines that require skill to use properly.

Why Is Lawn Aeration Important?

Compacted soil causes grass to die, which could lead to an entire yard of brown grass. Compaction also often results in increased water runoff and lowered resistance to heat stress. These issues attract weeds and diseases, so a little bit of neglect can have serious repercussions.

On the other hand, a regularly aerated lawn promotes stronger roots, tolerance to heat and drought stress, reduced water runoff, and a variety of other benefits. A fortified lawn will continue to thrive despite climate conditions, and make fertilizer applications more effective. In the end, lawn aeration can ultimately lead to greener, healthier grass.

How Do I Know When My Lawn Needs to Be Aerated?

No matter how healthy your lawn is, it’ll need to be aerated at some point. Aeration frequency depends upon your lawn’s condition. Most lawns need to be aerated once a year, ideally in early spring or fall. If your grass is dried out, compaction may be the cause. Contact a lawn care professional for an accurate assessment of your lawn’s health.

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