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Basic Lawn Care Equipment Guide

Keeping your lawn in pristine condition isn’t possible without the proper tools. Whether you’re hiring a lawn care company to perform seasonal lawn maintenance or plan on caring for your lawn on your own, there are a few lawn tools you should have on hand. Purchasing these lawn tools will make maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn a breeze. Here are the top pieces of lawn equipment every homeowner should have.

Lawn Mower

The most important piece of lawn care equipment every homeowner should have is a lawn mower. Keeping your yard looking neat and tidy is simple with a lawn mower. The type of lawn mower you purchase will be personal preference as they all get the job done, but the method by which they do is different.

With all the different models on the market, you might not be sure what to buy. A majority of mowers on the market are rotary or push mowers. These are self-propelled lawn mowers and often are powered by electricity or gas. Reel mowers are powered by the force of the user pushing it. These are a better option if you are trying to reduce the pollution you create. They also provide more exercise for the user. If you have a larger area to mow, you could consider buying a ride-on mower to get the job done quickly.

Whipper Snipper

Whipper snippers are used to cut grass in areas that a lawn mower can’t reach such as along fences and trees. If you’re on a budget, a combination whipper snipper can also be used as an edger to give a well-manicured appearance to your yard. Every lawn mowing session should be concluded with trimming to give a uniform look to the grass.

Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers can be used for more around the yard than just blowing leaves in the fall. Use your blower to quickly clear debris from your yard and patio. Some types of blowers can also be reversed to serve as a vacuum and suck up leaves to create mulch or make clean up easier.


While a rake does essentially the same job as a blower, it is still good to have on hand. Rakes can be used to spread dirt and lay down mulch as well as remove dead grass and leaves from smaller areas of your yard such as garden boxes.


You might think edger's and trimmers are the same, but they perform completely different tasks. An edger is used to trim the edges of the lawn along sidewalks and pathways. While many trimmers are able to turn to maintain edges, an edger will always give you a more crisp, clean edge. Use the edger once a month to maintain crisp lines between the grass and pathways. An edger is not a must-have piece of lawn equipment and can easily be rented from a home maintenance store to complete the job.

Spreaders & Sprayers

To distribute fertilizer, seeds, and pesticides around your lawn, you’ll need a spreader to complete the job. There are two types: a broadcast spreader and a drop spreader. A broadcast spreader scatters the material in a circular motion as you move across the yard. A drop spreader drops material through a line of openings in the bottom of the spreader to better control where the material lands.

In yards where weeds are common, you’ll want to invest in a sprayer which will make targeting weeds a breeze. A small-capacity sprayer is ideal for spot treatment of weeds while larger capacity sprayers work best in yards larger than half an acre.

Those dedicated to maintaining their lawn on their own will want to own these tools, but they can also be rented when needed.

Helpful Yard Equipment

Aside from large lawn care equipment, you may find the following landscaping equipment helpful but not necessary.



Trowels and shovels


Garden shears

Hose and sprinkler heads

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