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4 Tips To Help You Create an Organized, Healthy Home

As everyone navigates what is hopefully the tail end of the coronavirus pandemic, many people could use a little blast of positivity in their lives. Since a large portion of the workforce is still at home, refreshing the space you spend most of your time in could give you just the boost you need. Here are four tips on how to accomplish that, presented by Bizzy Mowing.

1. Deep Clean Your Home

The majority of people clean the surfaces of their homes regularly, but few people take the time to deep clean all areas in their house. Deep cleaning is essential to keeping a dwelling looking and smelling fresh. Additionally, thorough cleansing kills germs and bacteria on surfaces you constantly touch, such as doorknobs, refrigerator handles, and trash can lids. A study conducted on 60 families found that clutter and disorganization led to higher cortisol levels, a stress hormone, in women's bodies.

Of course, the deep cleaning may extend to the exterior of your home as well. If your lawn looks a little overgrown, consider hiring Bizzy Mowing to get things under control. Also, pick up toys, lawn equipment, or anything else that’s making your yard look cluttered. You may be surprised what a different an organized lawn makes in your life.

2. Get Organized

A disorganized space brings feelings of frustration as you try to live your life. Looking for your keys each time you leave the house takes precious minutes from your day and can set you up to be upset or anxious throughout the entire morning.

Keeping your possessions organized helps you to spend less time running around searching for things and more time enjoying them. Simple ideas to help you in your quest to become orderly include rearranging your pantry, adding a coat and key rack to your entryway, and incorporating trays to keep drawers and tabletops tidy. You can further reclaim your closet space by adding appropriate shelving for easy access to your favorite clothing.

One of the common themes of organizing is decluttering. It can be overwhelming if you have a lot to go through. Give yourself time and enlist the help of others if you need it. Then you’ll be able to sort through your things while you decide whether to donate, trash, or store them.

3. Convert Your Basement Space

An unfinished basement presents so many possibilities for homeowners. The area can be used as a home gym, yoga and meditation space, or a home office. Before getting your home office set up, take time to organize your basement space. Basements tend to be a catch-all for the various things a home accumulates, so expect to spend a fair amount of time organizing. Once you’ve got your space cleared, personalize your office to make it a reflection of your aesthetics and ideals. You’ll love to work in an inviting workspace.

If you are particularly handy, you can attempt to do some of the conversion work yourself. However, busy homeowners often spend so much more time on projects that hiring a reliable contractor is more practical—just remember to get several quotes before you make your selection. Consider adding subflooring for projects that require carpets, as basements are prone to mold. These kinds of updates are great for adding value to your home. Be sure to keep all relevant receipts and records of any upgrades you make.

4. Be Conscious of the Air You Breathe

Stale air is not only unpleasant, but it is also unhealthy. Indoor air is often full of more pollutants than outdoor air. Opening your windows daily for just five minutes can have a significant impact on your well-being. Other ideas for improving air quality are using an air purifier, adding plants to your home, and using natural cleaning products.

Clean, organized homes are linked to healthier and happier inhabitants. Make your house a calming atmosphere that leaves you and your loved ones feeling refreshed and rejuvenated rather than irritated as you set out each day.

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